Sunday, October 03, 2004


Another Wedding (Hall Of Elders South)

Ok lots of background first. In the past, I’ve mentioned the Hall of Elders. In fact, there are two halls. All previous post referred to what will now be called Hall of Elders North. This is the HQ for the Matron and second hubby Carpenter. Hall of Elders South is the Patron’s HQ. Patron was previously married to second wifey Typist. From them came Special K, Code Name Eagle, and Little D. I just got back from the Patron’s third wedding, to Sweetie-Pie. Sweetie Pie has two daughters, one of whom has a young son, Little C. You’ll forgive me if I need more time for the daughters’ nicknames. I just found out I need the names. Little C’s mom is now Miss Nicky and daughter number two is K-Shot

Ok so far? Good. Just like at the last wedding, there were several hotties, and just like at the last wedding, any hottie relatives are by way of a marriage that also doesn’t exist anymore. I mentioned my muddled heritage before. I can’t recall where, but I didn’t say much more there than I just did here: muddled heritage. I don’t know any more than that myself. And I don’t really have an inclination to ask. Weird.

Anyway, the wedding was very nice. It was held in the spacious back yard of a friend of the bride. Most of the guests were high school peers of the Patron, and I had grown up knowing them. It was nice to catch up. They are still just as much fun as I remembered.

I also had a chance to chitter chatter with Miss Nicky during dinner. At the table were Miss Nicky (and Little C.), K-Shot, K-Shot’s friend Miss Red, Special K, and her friend Special R. We had a blast. Their plan was to go out after. My plan was to go home. Mainly because I’m not much of a dancer and I figured they wanted to go dancing. And it’s only just as I’m typing this that it occurred to me that they might just want to go drinking somewhere. Oh well, maybe next time. Besides not wanting to go dancing, I also am pretty tired. I usually get up at 5 A.M. on weekdays. If I’m lucky, it’s lights out by 11 PM. I was up late Thursday night. I closed a bar with Team Magnum Friday night, and the Patron called me early this morning to tell me I had to be there an hour early. So I’m running on maybe eight hours of sleep since Thursday, plus a bit of a hangover that fortunately disappeared by the time I got to the wedding. And just like with the Hall of Elders North, I’m an out-of-towner with a bit of a drive home. I dunno. Maybe I’m just rationalizing. I should have gone. Plus, it would have saved me some trouble.

K-Shot gave a nice big hug to the Patron, saying how happy she was to be part of a new family, blah-blah. And then she turns around and lays into me. Here I am with a new step-sister, and I won’t even sit down for a drink with her and I got a coldish handshake. I felt a little guilty. Then again, she was about two sheets to the wind by this time. The girls were buzzed on Red Bull and about five bottles of champagne. So she may not even remember it tomorrow. Of course the next time I see her I’ll feel compelled to bring it up. It’ll probably be a while, because she lives in L.A., goes to college on a triple major, has had twenty-unit semesters, works one full time job and one part time job. Maybe during the holidays. And did I mention I’ll be going to see Green Day in late November? The holiday season could be kick ass this year.

I knew there was something I was forgetting. Two somethings. Momentous somethings. First, I have been granted unrestricted access to the vacation compound of the Hall of Elders South. We shall call it Camp South. It is in a coastal community, perhaps considered one of the top coastal towns to visit in California. While Patron Prime was still alive, Camp South was a highly restricted area. With a highly detailed clean up list for the last day of any visit. If you were allowed to go. With his passing, access is open on a first come, first served basis. But if I do go, you can bet I’ll still do the clean up list. So that’s pretty cool.

Second thing is that I have been informed that I will be invited to dinner this month. Not a family dinner. Just the Patron and his brother, who are now the co-patriarchs of the family. And I’m the eldest of all the kids. So I’m sort of third in line to the throne, as it were. And the three of us will be going to dinner sometime this month. The subject or purpose of this dinner has not been specified. So I’m curious. I’ll let you know when it happens. Oh. And people have started asking if I’m dating anyone. Remind me later.

So that’s the wedding with the Hall of Elders South. And a good time was had by all.
Oh but it was so close to ending with Monty Python.

"And there was much rejoicing

Whoops! Looks like I need to study up on me Monty.
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