Thursday, September 09, 2004


“Would You Like To Tie Me Up With Some Of Your Ties, Ty?” What Movie?

So I’ve lost my parking space. For the last three years, I’ve parked in the same space probably every day except maybe five days at the most. In the last couple of weeks, someone has been taking my spot. This space doesn’t have my name or anything, it was just the one I always used. I used it for so long, I started to feel entitled. Squatter’s rights or some such. So I was a little perturbed.

I felt a little better when I learned that the offending vehicle belongs to one of the big cheeses I hold in high regard. This particular big cheese has been getting to work a little bit earlier, and I’ve been getting there a little bit later.

I blame it on the ties. Since I started wearing them, it’s just taken me a little longer to leave the house each morning. I notice that instead of being second car in the lot, and sometimes first, I’m now fourth or fifth. Me no like that. I shall make an effort to do better. Plus I heard a rumor that big cheese is coming in earlier for some special project that might be temporary. That would help.

Post 200 will have the lost tale I promised yesterday. It may be a little long, so give me a bit to get it posted. Don’t feel like you have to hurry back, it’ll still be there tomorrow.
Damn! I checked your blog like 6 times today in hopes that it would already be posted. Don't leave me hanging!
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