Monday, September 13, 2004


Unusual Connection Between Rather, Kerry Documents (With Updates!)

Jim Treacher has a post on the Rathergate situation here. You go look now!

Back? Ok, good. As I read the article, there was just something about it that bothered me. Nagging doubts kept buzzing through my brain until I was compelled to do a little research of my own. Finally my efforts paid off and I found the original article. Italics indicate the changed portions of the text. The tender vittles:

Kerry: "Prove I'm Not Queen of the Space Unicorns"

New York -- For the fourth time in as many days, Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry has interrupted his nightly stump speech to reiterate his claim that he has been crowned Queen of the Space Unicorns.

Glaring into the camera, Kerry leveled a stern denunciation of his skeptics, terming them "hateful" and "jealous."

"I have told you again and again the tales of my ascension, my travels and adventures amongst the Cloud People, my ongoing struggle with Lord Gnarl and the Carved Army of the Fateful Forest. You've heard the facts, and that's the end of it. You think you can challenge my claim to the throne? Go for it. But you can't, can you? You can't, and you know it. So let's just get past this."

Holding up a document that he insisted was proof of his royal lineage, Kerry repeated his demand to be addressed as "Queen Alareol the Wise, Protector of the Rainbow-Flame." The document appeared to be a doorknob menu for a local Chinese restaurant.

"I don't expect you people to understand what I'm going through," continued Kerry. "I don't have to take this. All I want is a little consideration here. A little consideration, and some nice green grass. Crunchy, delicious grass. Nnnnnyaaaaar."

The Kerry version just feels more true. Therefore it must be true, and the Rather article is just a forgery. In addition, if you look at the date, you’ll see that what might be called the Kerry Version was written before the Rather Version. Jim Treacher is a man of the highest ethical standards. Unfortunately, he has been taken in by a hoax. Just another example of the care we must take to maintain high standards.

Actual Update: Figures. I forget a headline on one post, and it's the one everyone comes to see. Also, thanks to Jim Treacher for linking, and to all of you who came to visit. Feel free to look around. There's about 200 other posts you haven't seen yet.

Actual Update II: While the above post was all in fun, I do have a serious post, with real links, about Al Sharpton's repeated statement that African Americans are dying in disproportionate numbers in Iraq. Paula Zahn agreed with him tonight (9/14), but they are both wrong, according to CNN's own numbers. Read that post here, please. I can't be the only one that's bothered by this, can I?

Actual Update III: Thanks again to Jim Treacher, whose link tipped me over the latest milestone on the hit meter. A pathetically puny milestone, I grant you, but a milestone nevertheless.

Actual Update IV: Ooops! How could I forget to mention all of you who followed that link? My sincere appreciation to everyone who stops by.

Actual Update V: Wow! It's the link that keeps on giving. Three days later and I'm still getting lots of hits (for me) from Jim's link. Thanks again to all who have stopped by. Click the big orange banner at the top to see the main page and more current posts.

Actual Update VI: For those of you who are not too sensitive in your sense of humor, you can vote on what my pimp name will be, here. Pick a good one.
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