Saturday, September 04, 2004


Ummmm Yeah. Did I Mention Ego? Part Six

Yes, but it’s been over a month.

I was looking at the behind the scenes stuff here and noticed someone visited from a Yahoo search for Daschle v Thune. Mr. Lauck runs that blog, and he does an excellent job. Rather than read past kiss-hiney posts I’ve written about it, just go read Daschle v Thune here. You go look now!

The ego part is this: The Daschle v Thune search brought me up as number 6 out of 19,300 links. Rarrgghhhh!!!!! Feel my power you 19,294 people below me!

Before I go too crazy, maybe I should look at the same search on Google. Not so good there. I first show up at number 210. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with Daschle v Thune. Google keyed in on my use of the letter “V” to describe the pattern I use when putting ketchup and mustard on a hamburger. I show up again at 213 with a post about haircuts. I cannot discern what connection Google made between this post and a search for Daschle v Thune. Ego crushed to normal proportions. Life goes on.
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