Thursday, September 30, 2004


Team Magnum Cocktail Hour. Part One

So we got together for cocktail hour. Neighbor Lady was a no-show, a disturbing trend on her part. I should tell you now: beers were consumed. Those in attendance: Mr. Texas, Sista Girl, Princess Wolfie, Miss Lola, Miss Judy, Drinking Buddy.

Princess Wolfie has suggested that we get a team photo for display. This seems agreeable. Fortunately, beers lubricated the discussion. We needed some kind of theme. Some sort of cool costumes. Hip-hop was briefly discussed, and mercifully dismissed. Old West saloon type cowboys and bar girls sort of thing? Popular, and really easy at a local phototorium. But those photos are so great because of the props. Guns and liquor might not be appropriate for work. So we think we’ve settled on a 1920’s theme, with flapper type gals and the guys dressed up like ummm, like . . . well, like guys dressed for a night on the town in the Roaring 20's. The suits and hats guys wore then, if you look at old pictures from the 20’s, a lot of the guys look like they could have been mob types. At least that’s the image in my head. At the Hall of Elders (remind me for a pesky non-human update), there is a photo of two ancestors, cousins, we think, maybe close to 30, dressed up suit and hat, and you look at these slicked up farm boys and the first thing you think is they look like hit men. Ok enough. Apologies for the ramble. So it’s 20’s style.

Everyone was driving, except for Princess Wolfie, who got a ride with Miss Lola. Princess Wolfie pressed her advantage. She dropped her beer once, but luckily she was holding it just a few inches over the table and it landed safely. But you know, the glasses get condensation on them, they’re slippery, you’re engrossed in conversation, your grip unconsciously loosens, it could happen to anyone, right?

Except the next day, Princess Wolfie could not remember that it happened. How great is that?

Probably the most vigorous conversation rested on the concept of soul mates. Mr Texas is of the opinion that people do not have soul mates, the one perfect match for you in all the world. After all, if we did, you’d have a one-in-upwards of six billion chance of finding the person. Pretty much an impossibility. You’re deluding yourself if you think you’re married to your soul mate. You’re actually married to your pretty-good mate. Just accept that there is a body of people within your range with whom married life would be good and happy. Your life would be just as happy with Wafe A and Wife B and Wife C. Would your life be different? Of course. The point is, there isn’t just one person who makes you so much happier than all the rest. There are many people you could marry and have a happy life.

You’re married. You probably know plenty of other married couples. You may get together for parties around the holidays, or for occasional birthdays. Think of your house filled with ten couples for a party. Admit it. Your husband gets along with, clicks with, some of the wives more than others. And hubby, your wife gets along with some of the hubbies more than others. Maybe there’s even one that stands out above the rest. The one that always gets your jokes. Maybe you happen to work together or have known each other since high school. Now imagine your hubby and that woman if somehow they never met any of the other people at the party. They aren’t married. They don’t know you or the other hubby. In that situation, couldn’t you see them together?

Of course, we aren’t in that situation. Your hubby loves you, and that other lady loves her hubby. And everyone’s just friends. And this couple that could have been happy together never acts on it. You may know several people who, if circumstances were different, you could see yourself happily married to, provided you didn’t know your current wife. They’re nowhere near as rare as soul mates, but they are pretty-good mates. And you know what? You might even be a little bit happier with one of them than you are with your current wife.

This is not to say, as several of the women argued, that Mr. Texas is just hanging on to Mrs. Texas until he finds a better model. This came to be known as the Used Car Salesman defense. Untrue. The commitment is to the woman you married. The woman you love. The woman you are happy with.

All we’re saying is that there really isn’t a perfect person for each of us, and even if there was, you’d never meet him or her. Now ignore everything I just said and be grateful for the one you love. And let that person know how you feel.

So I guess that about covers cocktail hour for Team Magnum. And a good time was had by all.
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