Saturday, September 04, 2004


Response To My Venting

Read my e-mail to ATT here. Then come back.

Back? Good.

So ATT wrote me back. I’m not sure if my letter worked, but the reply is from Don from the ATT Executive E-mail Team. Does that count as second supervisor? Read Don’s email and tell me if it sounds like a template or form letter. It wasn’t very satisfying. I mainly emailed them because by the time I got the bill and tried to call, their customer service lines were closed. Anyway, everything is all cleared up, thanks to my local tin can and string provider, who were competent and effective in solving my problem. Don’s letter:

Dear Lord Floppington:

Thank you for contacting AT&T Online Customer Service.

In reference to your e-mail regarding the charges, I have reviewed your
account and our records indicate that the charges on the account are for
the Long Distance call plus other charges and taxes [who could have guessed that the charges on a long distance phone bill would be for long distance phone calls.--LF].

Also, our records indicate that you are with AT&T for the Long Distance

The current charges on your account are $10.30 [did I mention that this bill, covering July 26 to August 25 has exactly one long distance call on it? Or that the charge for the call was less than all the taxes and fees? Less than half of the $10.30?--LF].

However to cancel Long Distance services with AT&T, please call us at
1-800-222-0300 to cancel your service [yeah. You could include the hours that line is in operation, couldn‘t you Don?--LF]. Please keep in mind that AT&T is
continuing to develop new and exciting offers. To view our latest
offers [aka fiendish plans to screw you over.--LF] please access our website by visiting:

You are a valued customer [except I did not sign up for ATT this time or the other two times you screwed me over!--LF] and we appreciate your business [and we like to show it by constantly screwing you!--LF] . If you need
further assistance please contact us at:

You can also Ask Allie, our online virtual representative. Allie has
answers for many questions about billing, account management and even
plans and services [not true. Allie is evil. She‘s like a phone tree at any company, lots of runaround that never actually connects you to someone who can actually do something about the way ATT is screwing you over.--LF]. Just go to:

For your protection [for my protection? Is Don telling me ATT is going to put on a condom before they screw me over any more?--LF], AT&T is maintaining an original of this e-mail
transmission in a secure file.


AT&T Executive E-Mail Team

The sick part is, I'm so stupid I'm still using ATT Wireless.
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