Tuesday, September 07, 2004


It Is Alive.

Ok long ago and far away, there was a blog. Mean Mr. Mustard. He sacrificed himself, suffering a fate worse than death: he lived with various hippie liberal left types attending UC Hastings at Berkeley. He took one for the team and showed us how crazy they really are. And then he retired.

On the one hand, you hated his guts for cutting us off. On the other hand, how can you not respect a guy who puts aside a major part of his life to focus on being the best law student he can be. That’s discipline. There was such an outpouring of well wishes after his final post that he had to know he had a lot of people out there who would miss him.

He’s been back since August 2nd. And nobody told me. I had to find out by accident. Anyway, he’s been reincarnated as Mean Mr. Mustard Version 2.0 and you can find him here. You go look now!
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