Sunday, September 12, 2004


First Impressions (With DVD Update)

I forgot to take my little notebook with me, so I’ll have to go by memory. I got there in time for Virgil, then Transport, then Nothing Less. Virgil and Nothing Less were great, but Transport had a tough time setting up their equipment, and they just didn’t seem to recover. They weren’t bad, but this couldn’t have been one of their best shows. I’ll let you know more after I listen to the CD. Ditto for Virgil.

I already had the Nothing Less CD, so this time I got a DVD of theirs. The biggest shirt they had was medium, which for me is a no go.

Virgil and Nothing Less had good sized crowds for the venue. Nothing Less was clearly the crowd favorite, based on the number of girls with Nothing Less bumper stickers across their asses. Lots of girls like the ones I described in the previous post. Overall, a nice, happy, energetic crowd.

And now, Mr. Cowboy. Who is he? And why was he either talking into the phone or holding it up toward the stage for the entire set Nothing Less played. I couldn’t help but think he was some sort of agent and maybe the guys will be making the big time soon. But what do I know?

Allie Cat was there, of course, but I never saw her. Or perhaps I should say I never recognized her. I have terrible facial recognition skills. Ask me later if you really want to hear theories about my neurological deficiencies.

I got the last DVD and signed up for the email list. Number 17.

Here are some people who looked like other people. A guy who reminded me of William Miller enjoyed my Frank J shirt, Know Thy Enemy: Terrorist version. He came back later and asked me if I had a nickel. A nickel! If I had one, I would have given it to him. I should have just given him a buck. Then there was the guy who looked like Jack Black wearing the wig Adam Sandler wore in Little Nicky. And there were lots of hotties who looked like, well, hotties.

At one point, one of the guys in the band was asking about who in the crowd came from this or that local town. I swear, they named just about every town but mine. And of course, any time a musician mentions a local town, I always flash back to various Simpson’s episodes that poked fun at this practice. On the other hand, these guys did move here from Alaska.

Actual Update (DVD): After everything I wrote in the post below this one I couldn't help but get a huge laugh when the naughty nurse at the end poked out her pierced tongue. The DVD includes the cool video for "Record Store" and a very entertaining making of the video as well. Go to a show and you can get the DVD there for five bucks! For those temporarily beyond the reach of the ever expanding juggernaut that is the Nothing Less tour schedule, you can go online and order your copy here. You go look now!

First I just want to thank you for coming out and supporting the boys! Our California fans are so freakin' cool!

I was the girl that handed off the big posterboard sign to a fan ... did ya see that??? Oh, it was so hilarious.

The cowboy...that is Craig Walker. He is the CEO of Alcatraz Records which is their label. We call him The Colonel. He was on the phone with Tim's dad who is up in Alaska. Tim's dad was kind of their manager up there. He's come down twice to visit since we moved here in May.

I can't believe you bought the last DVD!! Goodness...well, you will be seeing me on there for sure.

Oh, and what town are you from that they didn't shout out? I kept shouting out things like Hughson, Patterson, Gustine, Waterford, and Riverbank, hahaha!

I'm so tired! A bunch of us went to IHOP afterwards so I didn't get much sleep and now I have to go to work! :(
I found the e-mail list and I saw the second page had #17 at the very top and thought...woah his name is Alexis? Weird. But then I saw that you signed your name at the bottom of the first page and wrote in #17 by hand. You devil, you.
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