Sunday, September 05, 2004


Call Of The Wild. Part Five (International Edition)

You can find part four here.

I find that it’s time once again to examine my own evolution and see how things are going. Last time, I was a Large Mammal, and I’m still there. Let’s face it. I’m not likely to go much higher. I’ve come semi-far in the ecosystem, all the way to level thirteen (of sixteen) but I’ll have to go three times as far to get to the next rung. So as long as I’ll be here for a while, I need to decide if I’m going to stick with my lion avatar, or choose a different large mammal each week. Decision made. There’s lots of large mammals, right? Continuing the tradition, I shall now take a look at the Large Mammals just above and below me.

My bad rhino eyes are squinting at (one spot above me): Selective Amnesia. Tagline: Thoughts. Colorful. Seductive. Fleeting.

This blog is written by Chandrachoodan (Chandru) Gopalakrishnan. Chandru writes “slice of life” posts and a little of this and that, when he’s not working in his day job as a copywriter. Sort of like me. Chandru recently attended a Madras Bloggers Meet. Madras? What the…? Am I doing a Call of the Wild post about an evil Islamic school website? What’s the ethics of that? I mean, if I start fudging results, I might as well just pick any old blog to write about. So I have to include it. But I ain’t gonna. Then I realized I shouldn’t get too worked up til I check it out myself. And my ignorance has been reduced! Madras is a city in India (madrass is the evil school), and you can learn more and see some beautiful pics of this beautiful city here. You go look now!

This is a very good blog to read, especially if you’re like me and have rarely left the US. Chandru’s English is excellent and from the posts I’ve read, his ideas are very accessible to westerners. Or maybe I should say he doesn’t seem too foreign. This is not in any way negative; I just feel like I have things in common with this guy halfway around the world. I have never anticipated or even considered going to India, but Madras might be a good place to start. Follow the about me and look diligently to find a pic of Chandru (the one on the main page didn’t open for me), but otherwise, few pics. Pacing is good. Mostly short posts. Prescription: Twice a week for three weeks, then as needed.

My dreaded rhino horn has impaled (one spot below me): Bjørn Stærk Blog. Tagline: War, politics and Norway since Sep 22 '01.

An interesting blog that covers Norway issues and politics, as well as a recent post on the Belsan situation. Another good read from a foreign country. Huh. A two-fer today. Read this blog and you‘ll learn politics is the same all over. Pacing is good. Mostly medium-length posts. Prescription: Three times a week for three weeks, then as needed.

This is Chandru!

Thanks for the plug. Really came out of the blue (much like the car that hit me) and while the sense of the shock is same, the feeling and emotions are much different.

Thanks, once again, for the plug.

As to my thoughts, well, I never expected, or intended them to be universal or wide-ranging. I just wanted to make sure half the people who read my blog understand what exactly I am saying. Glad to know there's one person more. :)

Once again, it is I

About Madras. Well, it is a great city. Overlooking the native Bias, and discounting for it, I might even go as faras to say it is probably one of the best cities in the world. (yeah, well!)

Wikipedia has more information about madras, if you really feel like it. Wikipedia:MadrasOnce again, thanks for the plug :)
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