Saturday, September 25, 2004


Blogosphere Political Compass Project

So where are you? Take a short quiz and find out. See how you compare to other bloggers. See how you compare to famous world leaders past and present. Get yourself listed among the luminaries. Do it all here. You go look now!
I disagree with some of the reasoning used in the quiz, especially vague questions about the proper scope of corporations' economic activities. Got an 8, 3.
Thanks for the link Floppington, much appreciated. I've recorded your score and you'll be on the chart with the next update.

Chase, we're aware that the Political Compass Test is not perfectly designed, and that some of the questions leave much to be desired. However, the BPCP is just trying to get a general idea of blogger's political affiation, not nail down an exact representation.

As always, we thank those who participate for their input.

Crap. I see I didn't put my score: 5.12, 0.41

I think there were one or two questions that didn't seem to work for me for some reason. Maybe the wording or something else, I'm not sure.

But I remembered the warning S gave in the quiz intro, well he pretty much summed it up in his comment.

Since I knew to expect this going into the quiz, how can I put this? Ok. Without the warning, I would have been very upset and frustrated. I devote some effort to this thing and then it has some flop questions in it? Doesn't this guy know any better? If I wasn't so lazy I'd write him an email! And I would picture the scathing email, so crushing, and actually write a polite bit of constructive criticism cause I'd wimp out.

But I did know. And he wasn't a dimwit. He anticipates a problem and lets us know he's aware of it. In fact, it's on purpose to better serve the quiz. And he goes out of his way to make sure we get the warning. Knowing ahead of time, he could have asked if the moon was made of green cheese, and I would have happily gone with the flow.

What this almost obsessive, quasi-personal relationship I have with quizzes says about my psychology, I have no idea.
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