Thursday, September 09, 2004


Better. Stronger. Faster. Part Ten

I wrote a little about the dishonorable behavior of the AP here.

Powerline has a Better. Stronger. Faster. take on that story, plus tons of good stuff on the 60 Minutes II anti-Bush documents which are looking more and more like forgeries that conveniently cannot be checked with the alleged author, who died in 1984, here. You go look now! And then scroll up for the AP posts!

Update: It may be worthwhile to note that when I first read the Powerline post linked above, there were 176 track backs, which was the highest I have ever seen on any blog. Now that I’m writing this an hour and a half later, the track backs are up to 226. Conclusion? People are hungry for the truth, and they know they aren’t getting it from the big media.
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