Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Another Crap Moment

I told you about Princess Wolfie’s propensity to volunteer me for things here.

I have two extra meetings tomorrow. A meeting Friday. A meeting next Wednesday. And next Friday. And I was approached today by two people to attend a third meeting tomorrow. Fortunately, the other two meetings tomorrow will prevent my going to the third one.

I have a terrible short term memory. Or maybe it’s ADD. Or maybe I’m just making excuses. I don’t make enough effort to commit one shot info to memory. I think I could recognize everyone at our office. I could probably name 30% of them. Not so good. But when I wasn’t doing anything, none of that mattered.

My habit in the past has been to privately scoff at and mock people with day planners or palm pilots or some other method of keeping track of all of their appointments. Those poor bastards, chained to so many obligations they have to carry a book everywhere to keep track. This was also my beef with cell phones. Oh boy! I have a cell phone! Now no matter where I go, someone can hassle me and there is no escape. What fun.

Unfortunately, with my new obligations, I may be becoming one of those poor bastards. Crap.
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