Thursday, September 16, 2004


Alexis? No. The Flyest Cat In The Alley? Maybe

Allie Cat is going to get sick of me sooner or later. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that while things I write are crystal clear in my head, they can get a little obscure on the blog. I wrote a recent post about my visit to a local music fest. You can read it, and her comments, here.

Visit Allie Cat on her own blog here. You go look now!

Apparently, someone else signed in on a “line 17.” I had just written mine in at the bottom of one page and labeled it #17. Another page also has a line 17. That person was Alexis somebody. I guess I don’t seem like an Alexis. But Allie did find Lord Floppington eventually.

Alexis was wrong. My actual name is [read the post above this one].

At least, that’s my name according to the “Get Your Pimp Name! How to be a true PIMP!” name generator. You put in first and last name, and a pimp name is generated for you. Discover your pimp name here. You go look now!

I found it thanks to these guys here. You go look now!
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