Sunday, August 08, 2004


“Women Kill For Her Eyebrows.” “Who Cares About Eyebrows?” What TV Show?

So Mrs. Godfather tells me she knows someone who would be perfect for me. And this someone was at the wedding! So I may have seen or even met her already. Of course, I am terrible with names, so I have no clue who the person is. And Mrs. G didn’t think to mention this til a couple days later when I was busy getting sunburned (peeling continues nicely, thank you). And you know how it is, all the usual reassurances. So I give her my email.

Now it wasn’t really clear to me if she was going to write me with more details, or just pass it on to Mystery Girl and let her write to me. Neither of them has written to me yet. We’ll see what happens. I think Mrs. G said something about meeting in the middle for a double date, Godfather and Mrs. G, and Mystery Girl and I. Meet in the middle because I live maybe three hours away from them.

A very dear person told me that do-gooders would come out of the woodwork and try to set me up. It took a while but it finally happened I guess. But it’s funny how these things happen. I told myself I would wear the ring for a year. Seemed appropriate somehow. You know, a nice round number, sort of. A decent interval, if you will, that would perhaps help prevent me from rushing into something foolishly. As it turned out, the in-laws would be arriving shortly after the year was up. In an effort to be sensitive, I figured I’d wear it a while longer, til they left again, you know, just to go easy on mom-in-law’s feelings. So Mrs. G, who can be very direct, is there asking me if I’m seeing anyone and telling me about Mystery Girl. And, me being me, I had my usual reaction, which, if taken out of context, would look like a pretty good Professor Frink impression. Thing is, mom-in-law ends up taking Mrs. G aside to tell her I’m obviously not interested since I’m still wearing the ring. Which I’m only wearing cause I thought it would be easier for mom-in-law!

What do you do when you discover your life has turned into an episode of Three’s Company?
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