Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Sunburns Hurt

That is all.

Update: Relatives still here, but flying home late tomorrow night.
Ouch. That sucks!

Dude, you are a "Slimy Mollusc"

Slimy and sunburned. Sounds like a couple of morning zoo disc jockeys.
Hey my Lord!!!! Glad to see you are slimey!!! Thats not my tummy that has butterflies, but there are pics of me on my site this week!!

Hope the sunburn heals!!!!! Im a crunchy insect because of you, my darlin!!!! *MWAH!*
This lotion stuff seems to be helping. So far, I'm only peeling on one ear, and none of it is really painful anymore. For as bad as it was, and as bad as it still looks, I do feel fortunate.
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