Saturday, August 14, 2004


Retreat At Die Konferenzmitte

Of course, it’s not really called that. It’s some funky German sounding name. Our office is having a retreat there, training, that sort of stuff. Finally I’m getting off satellite tasking and back to the main office. I miss those people. And of course, I miss none more than Princess Wolfie. The Gang of Four will be together at the hotel. I mean in the sense that Drinking Buddy and I will be sharing a room, and Neighbor Lady and Princess Wolfie will be sharing a room. So none of us got crappy roommates, and we can hang out in each other’s room to party or whatever after the meetings each day. Of course, the company felt the need to inform us when we were signing up for rooms that coed rooming would not be allowed.

I seriously doubt that anyone who might be fooling around with someone at work would be stupid enough to try and sign up for a room together. Now that I think about it, if guys can’t room with girls because of hanky panky issues, I have a problem with the rule. Look at it this way. With this rule, heterosexuals are not allowed to room with someone they might want to have sex with, but gays and lesbians are allowed to room with people who they might want to have sex with. That hardly seems fair. I might just bring that point up at the inevitable sexual harassment review we’ll have to sit through. Should get a good laugh. Remind me when I get back.

I leave Sunday and get back Wednesday. Don’t worry, my little angels. I put together even more stuff for this trip than I did for the wedding trip.

If you’re a regular reader here (yeah, I wouldn’t admit it either), you know that I have a huge crush on Princess Wolfie. If you’re new, you can find a guide to her early appearances here. She’s been absent from the blog for a while because I just haven’t seen her. She’s been on another assignment out of office. Two things you should know if you didn’t follow the links. I love everything I know about her, and we will never get together. Look two years ago, if I had won the lottery, I would have quit my job. If I win the lottery now, I might keep the job just to be around her. Ok enough with the mushy.

The Gang of Four will have a kick-ass time and I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.
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