Monday, August 30, 2004


Princess Wolfie Strikes Back

Ok I may have told you that Princess is an active type. You may know from your own experiences that offices can produce lots of committees to which the unwary may foolishly commit themselves. I did one a couple of months ago. Look back in the June 20’s in the archives if you’re feeling bored. I am not normally foolish or unwary, but Princess Wolfie talked me into it.

One of the things that’s so great about her is that she’s such a giving person. She’s so giving, she even gave me her place as co-manager of one of our client bases. Subtle Boss told PW she was overextended and should find someone to take her place. Naturally, she thought of me. She probably felt guilty because when she gave candy to everyone, she forgot me. First meeting Thursday. I hope they aren’t jerks. Because if they are, there is no end to the good-natured hell I will be giving PW over her getting me into this thing.

Update: Maybe there will be an end to the good natured hell. Princess Wolfie went to the shooting range this weekend. I’ve never been to a shooting range. She informed me you can rent guns there, but she just took hubby’s gun. He’s in the sort of profession that uses guns. She’s considering putting up some of the silhouette targets around the office as a motivator. That would be sweet.

Update II: Neither of us went to a within reasonable driving distance (for Trek fans) Trek convention. I had thought James Doohan might be there, but he was at a farewell convention somewhere in LA or Hollywood. His health is declining and it was his last convention. You may recall that I cleaned house for a visit from the Elders. More on that later. Or maybe not. It’s pretty skimpy.

Update III: I am terribly lazy. I don’t have a single link in this post, and I could have put several. I apologize. Not a peak effort.
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