Sunday, August 29, 2004


Pony Tail Coming Out Of A Baseball Cap

This may be a little delicate. If discussions of sex (with minimal perviness, I promise), make you squeamish, skip this post. If you came here from Wizbang, welcome and thanks.

Wizbang is a nice blog that has lots of posts. It’s definitely a check a few times a day at least blog. I wrote about them three posts down from here. They write about all sorts of good stuff, and they’ve had a run lately of Olympic and RNC babes. Hubba hubba! Wizbang can be found here. You go look now!

I just read one particular post there and wanted to comment, but I thought it might be too long so I’m doing it here. The topic? See my title. Better yet, see the original post by Jay Tea and assorted comments here. You go look now!

Back? Good. So we’re discussing why a gal with a ponytail coming out the back of her baseball cap is so sexy. Two theories so far in the comments. Horse theory notes the similarity of ponytail out of cap to readiness signals from female horses (and zebras and some other tailed mammals) who lift their tails when ready to be…well…mounted by the male. After seeing this for thousands of years in Africa, it became hardwired in our brains and this is why we find ponytail cap gals sexy.

Our other choice is the Tomboy Effect. In this theory, tomboys are considered especially sexy because they are more rough and tumble like guys, rather than extra frou-frou like many gals. This makes them more compatible with guys. Ponytail out of cap might be considered part of the tomboy uniform.

I’d like to give option three, the Vampire Effect. And Jay’s post crystallized it for me. I’ve always loved women’s necks. For me they are just super sexy. Necks, and nice calves. Yes, I know I’m weird. I would say sue me, but in this country, someone might take me up on it. Back to the necks. This is why I love short hairstyles on women. You can see the neck. Or if a woman has her hair done up. Graceful lines of the neck, cutting in under the chin, dropping delicately, soft smooth lines down to the shoulders. If her hair is up, a little wisp or two might escape, slightly obscuring the neck here or there, the tiny imperfection only enhancing the beauty of it all. Go watch a good vampire movie, and you’ll see that a woman’s neck is a very sexual area. Jay helped me realize that ponytail out of cap accomplishes all of these things. So for all you women out there wearing a baseball cap with the ponytail out the back, bless you.

Hey, that wasn’t pervy at all! I rock!

Actual Update: For some reason, this post is one of the more commonly searched items on this site. If you'd like to read a poem inspired by this post, you can go here.
You know, you're pretty good with words sometimes. You should write an erotic novel. About vampires and ponytails. Dude, I'd read it!
I wear ponytails through my caps...Ill have to show Lord Floppington a picture...
So let it be written, so let it be done!
Hey Lord:

So I guess if any woman wants to be safe from you biting her on the neck, then maybe she should wear a tough neck brace, or at least have EXTRA long and thick hair! It is true though, lots of women do have lovely necks and sexy necklines. I haven't been tempted to BITE them on the neck as you have, but I would sure like to rub and kiss them on their necks!

TAF (TomboyAmazonFreak) Fan
Dear constantxapologies:

Woo wee! You are fine as can be! My e-mail address is Keep in touch.

TAF (TomboyAmazonFreak) Fan
wow, that was creepy! :-\
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