Sunday, August 29, 2004


Me Brain No Work

So what’s up with Gmail? Seems I heard about it a few weeks or a month or two ago, and whatever it was I heard made me dismiss it as some goofy thing that no one would take seriously. But in the last couple of days, I’ve heard about it twice! From two different people! Who seem to have accounts to give away! What is up with that?

I’m always at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to hearing about things. And I have to go clean now. So could one of you little angels fill me in?
Gmail is an experiment in a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that you should never have to delete mail and you should always be able to find the message you want. The key features are:

Search, don't sort.
Use Google search to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received.

Don't throw anything away.
1000 megabytes of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message.

Keep it all in context.
Each message is grouped with all its replies and displayed as a conversation.

No pop-up ads. No untargeted banners.
You see only relevant text ads and links to related web pages of interest.

I heard about it a month ago or so and everyone was trying to snag an account but you could only get one if you received an email inviting you to get one. Once you had one I think you were allowed to invite another person. So on and so forth. It's like Hotmail. Sooner or later everyone is going to have one. Or 10.
You so rock! I swear. Thank you. I have to come up with some new award, cause you're like the ultra good citizen. I have the trophy ready, I just need a bit more work on the fine details.
Aw, I think you just made me blush! Tee-Hee!
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