Monday, August 23, 2004


Me Brain No Work

Ok my little angels, or maybe just angel, let’s be realistic, I need your help. I have CD’s with music on them. I purchase them at a local music selling store. I get them home. I want to make my own CD’s on the computer, picking songs from this or that CD.

I have these blank CD-RW’s, and they say 74 min/650 MB.

I’m using Windows Media Player.

I go through the whole process. WMP allows me to make a play list of songs I want on the CD-RW. I adjust the list, taking some out, to get me under the 74 minute total. Just to be safe, I even took it down to about 63 minutes. I did this twice, with two sets of songs, making two CD-RW’s.

Midway through the process, both times, WMP gave me a message saying the CD-RW was full. Both times, this message came about halfway through, leaving me with somewhere between 30-35 minutes on the CD-RW’s with the rest of the songs on both lists dropped. Before I hit the record button, WMP indicated to me that I was within the time limit of 74 minutes, both times.

My question: Why am I not getting the full minutes WMP says I should be getting? It seems like WMP is saying there is enough room, and then cutting me off at about halfway during the actual transfer. Are there settings I should be messing with?

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