Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Knight Industries Two Thousand

How dorky am I. Sometimes when I’m driving and need to increase my speed (on-ramps, in the mountains, passing) I turn off the ac and say “Hit the turbo boost KITT!” Sometimes it seems like I go a little faster. Then when I’ve reached speed, I’ll say something like “Restore power to life support” as I turn the ac back on. I haven’t decided yet if I am saying this to Worf or Laforge. Can I really be the only one that does this?
No, trust me. You are not the only one who says it. Unless you are that guy I saw driving down Standiford with the "TREK 1" license plate. In which case, if you are that guy, yes, you are probably the only one.
Ha ha no "TREK 1" isn't me, but how cool would it be to have that plate? I guess it's true what they say, "We are not alone."

When I am benelovent dictator, "TREK 1" will be rewarded.
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