Friday, August 06, 2004


It’s Becoming A Horse Race!

Well for a while now, these guys here have been far ahead in the number of visitors referred to this site. You go look now! Thanks again to Amazingly Perceptive Steve for the help there.

They left this guy several lengths back, but he still has a good blog that is funny, well-paced, and has lots of stuff I can relate to. You go look now! And he’s a Good Citizen!

But coming up on the outside, a newcomer to the field, quickly closing ground, it’s the Tattooed Texan! You go look now! Must be all the butterflies flapping their wings that give her the extra boost.

Will the Princess of Overindulgence keep up the pace and take the lead? Only time will tell. Tell me, that is. Then it would be up to me to tell you.

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