Saturday, August 14, 2004



So I got a haircut today. Not cause I’m visiting the Hall of Elders later. But because this next week will be a busy one with the office retreat at Die Konferenzmitte. More about that later. Anyway, I got perhaps the best haircut I’ve ever had today.

I don’t judge haircuts so much on how they look. I pretty much get the same thing each time and it’s pretty simple. My interest in different styles of hair is pretty minimal. So for me the quality of a haircut is almost totally based on my experience in the shop. This lady today was perfect. The shop was perfect. I walked in and was greeted immediately, gave my phone number, and before I could pick through the zillions of womanly magazines for the one token copy of Newsweek, I was already being called for my turn. Wait time: excellent.

Then I get to the chair and get all nestled in. I give the instructions and she gets to work. In a previous life, this woman must have been a librarian, because she didn’t talk at all. It was exquisite. No effort was required of me. If I had been tired, she would have been a great barber to fall asleep to. Did I mention I close my eyes during a haircut? Remind me later.

She was very fast. She handled my head well. Not like that, ya pervs! I mean she didn’t yank my ears off or jab them with sharp implements. I didn’t get whiplash when she turned my head left or right, or when she moved it up and down. Then she finished and started talking again. But it was good, useful talk, “How does it look?” And then the mirror behind the head “Does the back look ok?” You know, was I satisfied by her service? I indicated I was, and we completed the payment transaction. I tipped her and left. You’re supposed to tip your barber, right? They’re performing a valuable service. And what’s the tip etiquette on that anyway? Is there some percentage you should go by, like at a restaurant? Or just a flat tip like you might give to the maid at your hotel? Let me know.

So how fast was it? I left my car during some dj intro to a Pink Floyd rock block. I was back in my car by the end of the third song. Best. Haircut. Ever.
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