Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Good Citizen Award. Part Four

I haven’t had one of these in a while, so this will be a nice change of pace. You may have noticed these posts about Strengthen the Good. I heard about it and wanted to take part. You know, do my bit for the common good. It’s the least I could do. Literally. And I’m just the bastard to do literally the least I can do.

I’m also an ignorant apprentice, so I was having some problems getting the button set up with a link to Strengthen The Good. So I wrote to Alan over there. He wrote back quickly, and it was clear enough that even I could do it. And you can see the button over there on the left.

I have no idea how much mail anyone else gets, so when I don’t get an answer, there may be any number of reasons why. I do like to take note of those who do reply, because I’m grateful. Who am I to Alan at Strengthen the good? Just another schmuck. He did me a favor, and that’s why Alan gets the Good Citizen Award.

You can read about other illustrious GCA honorees here, here, and here. Are boys better than girls? I dunno, but Alyssa is outnumbered six to one on the list.

Update: Alyssa, our mutual friends will be visiting next month. I’ll have more in a week or so. Oh and for everyone else, there’s a bonus lost tale to go with it. Clippie makes an appearance and we both risk our lives in Methville.
I am confused. Who are these mutual friends you speak of?


PS. My father got a blog recently which is the funniest thing I have seen/heard in quite a while. His first post was a few lines of random lyrics (Genesis I think). He is 47. Does that not just seem odd?? I told him he is emo. I don't think he'll get it.
PS. This is Alyssa again. I thought I would do the cool thing and get a Blog. I mean, if my dad has one and I don't....sheesh, I better get with the times.
Our mutual friends from Alaska I meant. Oh and they won't be visiting me personally. I didn't notice how that looked at first. They'll be in a location at a time that is convenient for me to visit them.
Hey silly, I still do not know what you are referring to so I will just shut up and leave it alone now. *cries*
Well I didn't want to ruin the surprise, or give too much of a buildup too early, but you and I are the only ones reading this thing anyway, so why not?

Nothing Less has a show coming up Sept 11th, right? So as that date gets closer, I'll be doing a couple of posts about it. That's all.

Oh and the bonus tale with Clippie and I in Methville isn't something you would know about, but you might recognize a landmark or two.
Plus I may need your help on some promo info, if you have any. pickings are pretty slim beyond the date and location.
They are advertising the hell out of it on B93.1 FM. I could send you the actual press release if you'd like. Did you know they are also playing in Merced on the 3rd at Wired? Also, Merced on the 16th at The Firehouse. And at the Fat Cat (Modesto) in early October. But you will definitely need to be at the Turlock music fest for sure - they are playing last so if you don't want to be there alllll day I sugguest going a little later. I believe they go on stage at 10:15pm or so.
If you have something to email me, press release or whatever, that would be wonderful! If you go up to "view my complete profile," there's an email button you can use.
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