Friday, August 27, 2004


Field Promotion

I wrote briefly earlier about the Dakota Blog Alliance. You can read it here.

I wondered if they would read it, or find it. I still feel kind of cheesy about promoting myself by emailing to tell them about a total suck-up post. Anyway, at least one of them found it, and upped the ante by adding me to his blogroll. Which is nice. Especially since he only got a post link, not a blogroll link. This sort of individual initiative shall be highly rewarded when I become benevolent dictator. Until then, this member of the Dakota Blog Alliance will have to settle for being added to my blogroll.

This field promotion goes to Ryne McClaren, for service above and beyond the call of duty. Not only that, his link has gotten me some visits already. I don’t know if anyone gets visits from my links. Ryne McClaren: A Weblog can be found here. If you didn’t come here from there, you go look now!

Actual Update: Yeah. It would help if I actually put up the link after making such a big deal of it. It should be there now.

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