Sunday, August 15, 2004


Does This Mean Anything?

While I was flipping through the radio, I heard a song that planted a disturbing thought in my head. Everyone agrees that different people like different kinds of music, right? And I’m all for that. Whatever floats your boat. But does my life influence the music that I like? Or does the music influence my life?

This bothers me because as a kid, I never got to pick the station. And whenever school ended, the dj always had to play “Celebrate Good Times” by whoever sang that. Kool and the Gang? Not sure. “Hey kids you’re on vacation, and here’s a song to help you celebrate.” And then he’d play the song. I was never on the station that would play “School’s Out for Summer” by, ummm, Alice Cooper, maybe? Like the mashed potatoes in “Close Encounters,” this means something. I think. Analyze me now.
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