Sunday, August 15, 2004


Cruel to be Kind

So Billy the drug kingpin has been arrested. Billy’s speedboat, house, and his classic car collection have all been seized because they were gains from illegal activity. Billy did something illegal, and Billy got punished.

But if Billy is an illegal alien, there seems to be no end of people arguing why he should be allowed to stay (be rewarded for his illegal activity). What are the reasons? Taxes? Nobody challenged me when I said they don’t pay taxes unless they want to, and that they aren’t required to pay taxes. They’ve built a life here and it would be cruel to take it away from them? Billy Kingpin built a life from his illegal activity, and it got taken away from him. From his second step across the border illegally, Billy Illegal has been enjoying the benefits of his illegal action. Is there anything else? How about the idea that they do work cheap, and if we get rid of them, we’ll have to pay more for our fruits, vegetables, housekeepers and landscapers? So because it costs more, we shouldn’t do it? Then why do these people make the opposite argument, that cost should not be a barrier, when it comes to things like environmental regulations?

Hey, I’m just asking! Fill me in on the real deal. Show me how I’m wrong. I’m open to convincing. And I also understand that it’s a lot easier to be legally harsh in theory, and a lot more difficult when your arguments affect a specific person you might know. All this stuff I’ve been saying, I think it’s right, while at the same time I acknowledge that it sounds very harsh and cruel. If there was a button I could push to make all of it (all illegal aliens returned to homelands, no one ever crosses border illegally again) happen instantly, could I stand up, tug down my tunic, point my finger dramatically, and reflect light off my bald head as I said “Make it so!”? I don’t know.
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