Sunday, August 15, 2004


Call Of The Wild. Part Two.

You can find part one here.

I find that it’s time once again to examine my own evolution and see how things are going. Last time, I was a Lowly insect, I was in the upper portion of that section, close to slimy mollusc. This time, I have moved up to Adorable Little Rodent. I just squeaked in about 200 from the bottom of this group of approximately 800 other rodents. Continuing the tradition, I shall now take a look at the Adorable Little Rodents just above and below me.

My sharp rat teeth are gnawing on (one spot above me): Random Pensees. Tagline: This is a collection of random thoughts about politics, culture, family, society and whatever either catches my interest or outrages me at that particular moment.

Ok I have to admit that when I first saw it, I thought it said Random Penises. Mr. Random Penseur appears to have done most of the posts I saw on a quick review, but the title is plural, so maybe other family members help out. It seems to be divided between family life posts and political posts. Plus at least one cool pic. More politics than me. More family than me. Fewer “funny” posts than me. Way less hallucinatory crap than me. Seems pretty good. I’ll be going back. Good pacing. Prescription: Three times a week for two weeks, then as needed.

My plague carrying fleas have completely infested (one spot below me): Diana Mertz Hseih. Tagline: Noodle Food.

But noodle food is just the theme for the blog (various blogroll categories are named for various types of pasta). Dave Barry is in the Ramen category. That means something, but I’m not sure what. The Blog, and the other sections are philosophy related. She has sections for Papers she had published, Lectures she has given, Reviews of assorted philosophy books, Internet posts made before she had a blog dating as far back as 1994!!! And the Undergrad section, which includes papers she wrote for various classes, mostly philosophy I guess. Prescription for other philosophers: three times a week for two weeks, then as needed. Prescription for non-philosophers, twice a week for one month, then as needed.
Thanks for the kind review! You are welcome to visit anytime! As for the confusion I may have caused, the "pensees" just means thoughts. I'd have done "random thoughts" as a title, but it was already taken, so I went with the French equivalent, which led nicely to "Penseur". So, all the many thoughts (to the extent anyone can claim to have an original thought), and the many errors, are all mine.

-Randon Penseur
Dang! I knew I should have paid more attention in Mr. Singer's French class.
Oh, sure, blame it on poor Mr. Singer. Go ahead. Poor bastard. He tried as hard as he could and this is what he gets? He . . . Note to self -- don't leave comments before caffeine rush from second cup is over.

Seriously, thanks for the kind words, I added them to my "praised" page and, of course, linked to you as the source!
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