Sunday, August 08, 2004


Call Of The Wild. Part One

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I find that it’s time once again to examine my own evolution and see how things are going. Last time, I was a Crunchy Crustacean, and pretty close to the next lower ranking, Wiggly Worm. This time, I have moved up to Lowly Insect. In a range of nearly 1,350 I am about 300 from the top of the Lowly Insects. Much better than my standing in the Crustaceans. I must be clutching the evolutionary ladder tightly with my fearsome insect legs. Continuing the tradition, I shall now take a look at the Insects just above and below me.

My antennae now seek (one spot above me): House of Blues Blog. Tagline: NoneThis is a blog by Ross, who works for House Of Blues Entertainment, a company that puts on concert type events, including Ozzfest in Denver. He’s been away doing a concert for the Marines, so no posts for about a week, but he should be back soon. He’s only just gotten started, but what I’ve seen so far is interesting to me. Prescription: Once a week for one month, then as needed.

My pincers have just pierced (one spot below me): ac news: News Aggregator. Tagline: NoneThe title says it all. I’m glad I have defeated this one. I spit on you, News Aggregator, with my acidy insect saliva! Prescription: Once a month for one month, then as needed.

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