Thursday, August 05, 2004


Back Again. For Reals

First time for everything I guess. I was in a certain west coast city, dropping the relatives at the airport. We stopped to eat, and at the bottom of the menu, I see this: "Fifty cents will be added to each order for Minimum Wage Recovery."

I had never seen that before. At least they came right out with it. And it might be a little bit of a protest, to boot. I know when I was sitting there, I was wondering who these bastards are that are making my touristy/pricey meal even pricier.

It's late. It's been a long week. Me no think now. But I can give you a preview: hot wedding chicks, wacky distant relatives I met for the first time, the next segment from the files of the Vigilance Squad, plus my very first offer from someone who wants to set me up with someone. Ok I take that back. I did get a couple of hints from some people at work, but not direct like this one. Those were more of the high schooly/gossipy so and so thinks you're nice sort of thing. You can read about it here. You go look now! Ask me later why a girl setting a guy up with another girl is almost always a bad idea for the guy, but this is not true in reverse. Back to my direct offer. No, wait. This is a preview. I'll get to it; I promise.
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