Thursday, July 29, 2004


Why Do Antibiotics Stink?

Have you ever put your nose in a bottle of Keflex? It reeks! Why is that?

Gross! I learned my lesson on that a long time ago. Never...Sniff...The Antibiotics!! Think about it...antibiotics are substances ment to KILL bacteria. They are pretty wicked. I think you would smell gnarly too if your only purpose was to killkillkill.

That is my two cents.

Killkillkill...killkillkill...killkillkill. Sounds like the soundtrack of all the bad horror movies I love.
Hahahah that is sooo halarious.. Im currently taking Keflex, like right now... and it really does stink. It smells like eggs!! Im stuck takin these things for like 2 weeks.... ugh!
I'm taking cephalexin I never knew that certain medications could smell that horrible. When I burp I can taste the eggy stinky odor. And when I fart it smells exactly like the antibiotics which smell fuckin horrendous. Really don't like takin them but I got ten left and then I'm done
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