Saturday, July 10, 2004


Ummmm Yeah. Did I Mention Ego?

Ok I know I’ve talked before about ego. Go look here. However I find I can’t help but talk about it some more. I’ve been doing this for less than a month. I know I must be patient. But here’s a dirty little secret: I’ve gone to Google probably ten or twelve times to see if I showed up. I just put in a bunch of keywords and see what happens. Usually I start with about four words, and then keep adding words until the results get down to ten hits or less. I must say that today, July 10, 2004, I finally hit pay dirt. Something I wrote came up on Google. I mean, sure, Google actually directed me to Showcase, where new people can, well, showcase their blogs. So Google doesn’t actually recognize me (but I‘m still counting it), just my new best friend on the web Simon, who is being kind enough to help out us new bloggers. Simon could be the name of a sexy woman right? Wasn’t there a movie like that? Yes and it was a good movie. Remind me later if you want to know the movie’s fatal sexual flaw. In any case, I either love Simon the woman in a lusty way, or I love Simon the man in a perfectly normal, man to man, Kerry/Edwards way. And now that it’s the day after, I still respect Simon. If you popularize me in some way, I shall respect you as well. That’s the kind of great guy I am. Oh. And I did this search while I was on a break from Frank J’s archives. I have a lot of catching up to do over there.
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