Wednesday, July 14, 2004


The Next Time I Have To Come In Here, I’m Cracking Skulls! What Movie?

Ok go read this here. Back? Good. Why didn’t I think of this before? Looking now, it seems like this is the obvious solution. If we do something like this, it’s all about coalitions and international law and oppression. When the Iraqi Police do it, well who can blame them? They might step on some toes, but they’re the baby steps of a new democracy.

Picture the American west of perhaps 150 years ago. For someone in New York or elsewhere in the well-settled American east, those clod-hoppers were vulgar, violent and uncouth, not civilized like New Yorkers. However, for people in the American west, being vulgar, violent and uncouth were survival skills.

We live in such comfort now that we’ve forgotten that sometimes a little skull-cracking is necessary. I must also say that over the last couple of weeks, I have started seeing examples on TV of various Iraqi Governing Council types saying positive things about their country, negative things about terrorists, and grateful things about the US. It isn’t always enough to know you’re doing the right thing. The constant bad newsy, scare-mongering, America is evil, force-feeding from big media can wear a person down. Iraqis are grateful for us? I’m grateful for them. I’m hopeful.

I’ve got the New Iraqis, Frank J, and my high energy CD. Life is good.
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