Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Never Stop Fighting Til The Fight Is Done. Here Endeth The Lesson. What Movie?

Well I’ve seen definite progress on here. I can see the blog when I hit the link. The last three or four posts still don’t show up. My updated links still don’t show up. But on the plus side, the posts I made when the blog was “down” did show up when the blog was back working. So I’ll keep going and just have faith that this problem, too, shall pass.

As you know, I write this offline, and then just copy and paste to the blog. I can’t write everything all at once, so I often put just a headline as a reminder and come back to write the post later. I find that when I get motivated, it is often because an idea has hit me and I want to write about it. The unfortunate result is that my headlines that are on hold keep getting bumped down the list. I keep everything in a word processing document. The top has the cast of characters, not so much for the main characters I cover a lot, although they are listed too, but so I can keep track of the nicknames of those who appear rarely. Don’t want to get anything mixed up if I can help it. From the top, I can then scroll down and see all my posts in chronological order. At the end, I have the headlines awaiting use. Currently, five are in the pipeline.

It’s a comfort to have them there. I try to write every day, and it’s nice to know I’ve got some backup. Since this isn’t a public events driven blog, they usually aren’t time sensitive. Well, I take that back. One of the five is a part two to this post, and another one of the five is about an upcoming event, intended to lay the groundwork for what I’ll write about the event afterwards.

Anyway, this document is handy and easy to search, and I can look at it offline, which is helpful. And I’m up to page 26. For me, not bad.
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