Sunday, July 25, 2004


My Weblog Sense Is Tingling

So this is what I was thinking last night while driving back from a semi-grim chore: Younger, tech savvy people without a voice in big media turn to an alternate form of communication. They get tips, encourage the faithful, and report on things the establishment won’t. One or two of them get national exposure in big media. Soon, other new voices are contributing, and a new world of communication, unrestricted by the old traditions, is born.

“Sounds like the photosphere, right?” I said to myself. See that is so weird. I was trying to type photosphere in that question and I ended up with photosphere photosphere what the hell? It won’t let me type it. Ok how bout this way: blog o sphere. Yeah baby! You see photosphere up there over and over? I am typing blog o sphere, and my spell check is correcting me of it’s own will and turning it into photosphere. Bastard.

That description in the top paragraph sounds like a description of the blogging community, doesn’t it? But it also describes the 1990 film Pump Up The Volume. Hell, pump up the prophecy, Hard Harry. Full disclosure: I own the video.

This morning, I’m poking around, reading this and that, and I find this story here. You go look now!

I found it thanks to this guy here. You go look now!

So the question is, am I psychic, or is this just like the experience each of us has had of “knowing” what the next song was going to be on the radio?

No, it's because you're psychic.

steve the l.b.

ps--wicked funny stuff.
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