Sunday, July 25, 2004



One of the guilty pleasures of blogging is watching how it grows. You start off with a seed in a bare patch of dirt and hope for the best. But how do you know how you’re doing? One way you can tell is by going to The Truth Laid Bear: The Blogosphere Ecosystem. Based on some formula or other, you move up and down an evolutionary ladder. You can be as low as Insignificant Microbe or as high as, well, Higher Beings.

I am currently struggling to stay on rung four, Crunchy Crustaceans. There are about 1,300 of us Crunchy Crustaceans, and I am twenty from the bottom. Having just graduated from Wiggly Worms, I certainly hope I don’t devolve back into one. And I still have to climb over a lot of fellow crustaceans to make it to Lowly Insect. But while I’m here, I thought it might be fun to look at some of my crunchy comrades, just above and below me.

My covetous claws now seek (one spot above me): O Beauty Unattempted. Tagline: The sporadic ramblings of Emily C. A. Snyder - devoted to God, theatre, writing, and much randominity.

I looked through it so you don’t have to. This person seems very nice. I particularly enjoyed the irony of such a religious person taking part in this sort of online evolution experiment. For me, this blog has too much God. Sort of like how this blog sometimes has too much gay (ask me later). When the same topic comes up over and over and over, I start to feel preached at (no pun intended, Miss Snyder), which is a turn-off for me. Even though I might never be a regular reader of Miss Snyder, I know there are many people who will like her. Prescription: Once every two weeks for one month. Then take as often as needed for your symptoms.

My claws have just crushed (one spot below me): Rabid Rabbits and Psycho Squirrels. Tagline: My Off-center view of the world.

I feel bad that I crushed this one cause I like it. I had a good time reading it. I plan to read it some more. It’s more of a personal journal blog, from what I’ve seen so far. Maybe it’s just because I like Denis Leary and so does Julie H., who runs the site. She also is madly in love with some guy named Rick. Miss H is in Brooklyn (does she not sleep til she gets there?), and seems like a bit of a smart ass. Maybe. Which I like too. Prescription: Twice a week for two weeks. Then take as often as needed for your symptoms.

Ahhhh, yes...our lovely Julie H.! We adore her in our blogging community....and so will you! :-)
No...sleep...till Windsor Terrace! Wow, it really does sound better with Brooklyn. And I am definitely a smartass. No doubt about it. I'll try not to be offended that you have crushed me if you keep visiting. :)
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