Saturday, July 10, 2004


Lord Of The Flies Alert

Crap. I was just in the kitchen and it turns out I left my supernachos out overnight. There was only about one meal left and a snack, but still it irks me. Let’s see, when did I last go shopping? Tuesday. That’s a good run. Supernachos is what I’ve eaten since Tuesday. Ask me later if you want to know what I had to drink. Supernachos counts as cooking, which I hate as a time waster, but it lasts five days plus, which is a time saver. Ask me later if you want to know how to make it. My focus today is elsewhere. See it takes effort the first night to get it all put together, but the final step in cooking is to put it all in the crock pot to let it bubble away for a while. Then I just eat it out of the crock pot. Why get a dish dirty? Now I don’t want to put this hot container right in the fridge, so I let it cool. Then I put it in later. Next night, just put the crock pot back on and heat it up again. Eat right out of the crock pot. Side note: This is why, at the end of the month when I run my dishwasher, it’s got a couple of glasses (did I mention I drink straight from containers?), a plate or two, and all of my silverware. Where was I? Oh yes. Let it cool. Put it away again. Except, last night I forgot to put it away. I suppose I could give it a try and just cook the hell out of it til all the food poisoning is gone, but that might be kind of risky. On the other hand, I did eat pizza from a box that had been on a hotel room floor for about twenty hours, and I’m still here. Screw it. I’m going for it. Hell, I’m gonna super go for it. Turns out I have a half gallon of O.J. that expired yesterday, but I think I have just enough vodka to allow me to finish the juice. That vodka is pretty old too. Does it go bad? I’m getting excited about this plan. Was it Churchill who said something like “There’s nothing more exciting than to be shot at without effect?” I’m kickin’ it Churchill style, baby! I’ll tell you about the effects tomorrow. Or maybe later. I may have set up rules for myself when I started, but never blog drunk wasn’t one of them. No, I better make it tomorrow. I mean, I haven’t shaved for a couple days, and there’s only so much Lord of the Flies one person can live at a time, right? Unless I pull a Van Halen. Ask me later. Then I might be back tonight.
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