Sunday, July 25, 2004


List Of Bloggers At The Convention

Here is a partial list of bloggers who are at the convention. This is a condensed and reorganized version of a list from the Wall Street Journal. Read their article to get other interesting info and to see pictures of many of these people. The article notes that “about 35” bloggers were credentialed, and also mentions the controversy of the disinvitations. You go look now! The tender vittles:

Another 20 or so bloggers -- including several conservatives -- were invited, then disinvited, prompting accusations of bias; organizers say it was "a pure logistical error" and most disinvited bloggers weren't conservative.

Sounds nice and fair, but I’m not sure it squares with this reorganization of the list:

Liberal (based on self identification or candidate of choice):
Jerome Armstrong:
Natasha Celine: Pacific Views
Taegan Goddard: Political Wire
Mathew Gross:
Aldon Hynes: Greater Democracy
Kirk W. Johnson: American Amnesia
Ezra Klein and Jesse Taylor:
Byron LaMasters: Burnt Orange Report
Jeralyn Merritt: TalkLeft 
Christopher Rabb: Afro-Netizen 
Jay Rosen: PressThink 
Joe Rospars:  and
Peter Rukavina: Reinvented 
Bill Scher: 
David Weinberger: 
Matt Welch: Hit & Run 
Jessamyn West: 
Stephen Yellin: DailyKos and OurCampaigns  

Conservative (based on self identification or candidate of choice):
Allen Larson:  

Somewhere in between (based on self identification or did not state (DNS) a preference):
Patrick Belton: OxBlog 
Tom Burka (DNS): Opinions You Should Have 
Rick Heller: Centerfield 
Gordon Joseloff and Jessica Bram: 
Paul McCullum, William Oemler, and Allison Grady: Dinner for America 
Alan Nelson: The Command Post 
Brian Reich: Campaign Web Review 

Thanks to this guy here for the pointer. You go look now!
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