Thursday, July 01, 2004


KGO Channel 7 Part Three

I wrote to KGO Channel 7 and talked about it here and here. Read that and come back. Ready? Ok.

Well they did write me back. Not a very satisfying response, but enough to quell my rage for now. I mean, logically, I know I can’t turn them around. They are unlikely to respond to reason. But at least they could acknowledge that I had written to them. And they did.

“I've forwarded your comments to our news management.
Thank you for taking the time to write and express your opinion.”
Miss So-and-So

So somebody looked at it. I don’t know if she actually did forward my email. But you know what? She was professional enough to acknowledge what I had written. I believe she did forward it. Somehow I picture her as a secretary or executive assistant in charge of filtering these things and sending them to the right places. Or she could be an intern. Either way, this is good so far.

To summarize: while the message was unsatisfying, the fact that it was sent at all was satisfying. Although, if KGO really wants to impress me, I’ll hear from news management. Whoever they are.

What do you think of the structure of this post? They say you should praise behavior you want to continue and condemn behavior you want to see less of. The content of the reply was just form letter-blah, and in paragraph one I noted this unwanted behavior and gave a negative reaction. In the paragraph after the text of the reply, I noted the desired behavior and give a positive reaction. Finally, I review the unwanted and wanted behaviors and give a suggestion for future behavior that would earn even more praise. I wasn’t consciously thinking about the structure when I wrote it, but when I finished, it sort of jumped out at me. Which of course led me back to author’s intent. Ask me later.
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