Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I’ve Got To Buy It! I’ve Got To Buy It! Chinpokomon! What TV Show?

I really debated the title of this one. The “I’ve got to buy it!” part is the key. You can check the whole thing here.

Alternate title: Okama Game Sphere! Which you can read about here. Something I learned there? Okama is Japanese slang for gay.

All of it leads to the conclusion of my quest.

I don’t especially care for modern video games. I don’t want to use every key on my keyboard just to play a game. I want to blow stuff up 80’s style. And I heard a rumor. You could get all those cool old games in one unit. In fact, there isn’t even a console. These games are so old school, all the computer power needed to run the games can be fit into the controller, which hooks directly to your TV. No cartridges or floppy disks or cd-rom’s. It’s like heaven on earth. I swear I looked at any number of web sites like Best Buy or Circuit City for this thing, but I never found it. I would keep checking from time to time as the months went by. Finally, last week, I found it. I was hopeful.

Today it was like a bell went off. When I went to the door, I saw a little bundle of joy left by the mail man. Yes, it’s here. See you in a month or so. Who knows? Maybe by then, someone other than me will have visited this site.

UPDATE: Please come back tomorrow. You know I was just kidding, right? Anyone? Hello?
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