Friday, July 30, 2004


Invasion Of The Relatives Update

Look at all the nice people!

Some people came from “Reflections in d minor.” It’s run by Lynn S. Lots of neat stuff there, about art, music, opera, fractals and more. You can find it here. If you didn’t come here from there, you go look now!

Other people came from The Tattooed Texan, who seems to have butterflies in her stomach. Although in that picture that’s there, her stomach looks just fine. I know, I know, it most likely isn’t her, but you gotta love the tummy. MMMM…butterfly tummy. But enough of that. The further adventures of the Tattooed Texan, aka the Princess of Overindulgence, can be found here. If you didn’t come here from there, you go look now!

You from there and elsewhere, thanks for stopping by, especially when the relatives are here and my time is limited. Saturday will be a no post day. I thought I would be here Sunday, but it’s starting to look like maybe not. I have a few prepared posts I’ll put up in a few minutes, but let’s say after Friday noon, there probably won’t be anything new until maybe even late Monday.

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