Monday, July 26, 2004


I Need Tips! No, Not Money! The Advice Kind

Good Citizen Alyssa noted earlier that while I’m a cool cat, this blog looks like a litter box. I said, “Hey, I’m a cat!” or some such thing. But she’s right. So I’m calling on the hive mind of the internet to advise me on how to spruce things up. Buzz away my little angels!
Hi, I found you via the Llama Butchers. Some of the newer Blogger templates look.... well... not too bad. But you can make a big difference just by changing the colors. So find a good HTML color chart, like this one - - or this one - - and go into your template and start playing around. Go on... be courageous. :-)
If you want to climb the TTLB system you need to be able to accept trackbacks. That's what the calcs are based upon, those who link to you. The look? Who cares. It's the content.
Tim Worstall
Oops. That first one was me. I didn't mean to be anonymous. Content is most important of course but there's nothing wrong with sprucing the place up a bit and creating a look that fits your personality.

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