Wednesday, July 21, 2004


I look At Your Face And I Just Want To Smash It. What Movie?

I haven’t written much about Princess Wolfie lately. Reason one: I don’t want to ruin things by thinking about it too much. Reason two: I’ve been on satellite tasking since late June and I haven’t seen her since then. Except for me, I don’t think there are any “old” readers of this site, so here’s a Carnival of the Princess: 1st appearance, she was just Wolfie then, 2nd app., full name revealed (Princess Wolfie), 3rd app., 4th app. (cameo), 5th app., 6th app., 7th app., 8th app., 9th app. (cameo), 10th app., 11th app. (cameo, last app, 7/3/04).

Well I got a call from her today. Back in June, Princess Wolfie had been involved in a fundraiser, and I signed up (like I could ever say no to her) for some cookie dough. Well it arrived and she was looking everywhere to find my number. Ask me later. Finally she remembered that it was written on the order form. The quote: “I’m such a dork!” I’ve mentioned before that she likes to use the word “dork” a lot. And that I love it! When she called, she gave her first and last name, as if I might have forgotten who she was. Not likely, but she doesn’t know that, so I must be keeping up my composure around her ok. Anyway, it’s here, and I’m going to pick it up tomorrow when she gets off work. I could go earlier during the day, but if I go at the end, maybe there’s a chance that she and I and Neighbor Lady could hang out for a while after. Hey armchair shrinks, is that what they call passive aggressive?

I’ll tell you more tomorrow, but just let me add one thing. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of D-day.
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