Thursday, July 15, 2004


Good Citizen Award

The award goes to Paul at this place here. His blog is funny and I enjoy reading it. His writing is mainly personal rather than news based, from what I’ve read so far. So I feel a kinship there. Not only that, but he was also kind enough to answer some questions I had about some aspects of blogging. Among other things, he showed me how to do this: ©. Ta-Da! Paul also gets extra gold stars because he answered my email less than thirty minutes after I wrote to him. You go read now! But don’t clog up his email in case I have other questions.

UPDATE: History demands that I mention two others who were good citizens to me before I started doing this. The first is SDB, who you can read here. He receives the Good Citizen Award, with cluster, for answering two of my emails. What can I say? The guy is a genius. No, not because he answered my emails. That just makes him a good citizen; haven’t you been paying attention? He’s a genius because of how smart he is and how well he expresses his thoughts on a vast array of topics. You go read now!

The second recipient is Dean Esmay, who you can read here. He receives the Good Citizen Award because he also helped me with some blogging questions. Many of his posts are news/politics based. You go read now!

UPDATE 2: It wasn’t intentional, but I just realized that all three of these guys are on my blogroll over there on the left.

UPDATE 3: And now I just realized all three of them are guys. I get no womanly emails. Help me out here. I’ve still got another month of satellite tasking before I see Princess Wolfie at the company conference. That’s a long time to be away from someone you have a crush on. So the big question is do I hope I get over her by the time I see her again, or do I hope I still feel the same by the time I see her again?

UPDATE 4: Is it a violation of blog ethics to write updates like this on the end of a post, while in the process of writing the original post, before I’ve even posted the original post?

ACTUAL UPDATE: Regarding UPDATE 3, what do I have to do, put out t-shirts like this guy here?
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