Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Exorcist: The Beginning

Horror movies are interesting. I guess there might be a few different categories.

One could be psycho killer movies. These would be the big three: Freddy, Jason, Michael. A crazed bad guy who has at least strength, endurance and cool weapons. These are pretty cheesy. Psycho is the exception that proves that rule.

Another could be monster horror movies. We’ll throw in aliens, the blob, any number of mutated insects, pod people, zombies, vampires and on and on. These can also be cheesy, but there are also a number of classics such as Jaws or Alien.

And then you have the religious/evil horror movies. Of course these can be cheesy, but there are classics here too. Poltergeist, The Omen, The Exorcist. Amityville Horror always creeped me out. You’ll notice these are split between Good (Church or God) vs. Evil (Demons or Satan) and Good (or at least innocent homeowners) vs. Evil (in some disembodied form). I prefer these two types over any of the others. This tells me that somehow these specific types of horror movies speak to me in a way that the others don’t. They are certainly more realistic than most psycho killer movies and monster horror movies. Now for religious people, plots from Omen and Exorcist are plausible, possible, or even certain to occur. I don’t think I’m a very religious person. But I really like these movies. It will sound totally stupid, but I almost approach them the way an eager student approaches his favorite class. As if I expect to learn something. Something I need to know. I’m all into the three sixes hidden under Damien’s hair. That whole exorcism ritual is totally cool. But if I’m not religious, why am I so into this stuff? Do I really expect to run into possessed people and a four year old Anti-Christ on the street or in my local supermarket?

Or maybe it’s like when my friends and I debated whether or not Spider-Man really could have beaten Firelord that time when the Avengers were out of town.

Oh yeah, the title. I started thinking about all this when I saw a commercial for Exorcist: The Beginning.

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