Sunday, July 25, 2004


Crunchy Comrades

Ok first read this here. Back? Good.

So I found another crunchy comrade here.

And I found her through a comment she left on a post by this crunchy comrade here.

Keep your eyes open. We’re everywhere! Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha!

why can't your journal look as cool as theirs??? get to work!

Hey, look at me. I'm a lazy cat. I'm lucky I could figure out the cheesy format I am using, let alone some cool looking thing. Besides, I was busy killing a mouse to deliver as a trophy to my human pet, doesn't that count? But since Alyssa is a Good Citizen, I must consider her input (I knew I'd regret giving awards!). I shall catnap on it, and announce my decision Monday, which I don't fear like that sellout Garfield.
One word. Or does the .com extension count as another word? That's how we got the cool looking blogs. And if I could figure it out, anyone can.
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