Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Yeah! Beat The Clock This Time!

All German, all the time. I write offline, and then just transfer the stuff to the blog. My connection came back just long enough on Monday to let me send you the warning I may miss a day. And I left you with the question of whether or not I should call. Well a couple of hours later, my cable went fritzy on me. No TV and no internet. So I made the call. Turns out the construction crew is due on Friday. It’s 8am Tuesday right now. Sometime today, a temporary line is supposed to be put in to last me until Friday. If they’re not here by 5pm, I’m supposed to call again. If you read this by midnight, then I haven’t missed a day. Although I should say that I’ll be visiting with relatives for a few days in late July, and there is an all office team building retreat in mid-August at die Konferenzmitte. They say what goes TDY, stays TDY. I doubt this will apply to the retreat, but who knows? Neighbor Lady says she might break her own rules and actually drink. Well this is quite a little roundup post. What else? Code Name Eagle is off to school, living on his own for the first time. My fingers hurt from the guitar. It’s slow going. Doing ok with the lessons so far, all self taught. My schedule doesn’t really allow for formal lessons, but this book I have is pretty good. I should say that I can’t read music fluently. The chords so far are going ok, but C chord is really tough for me. I have a tough time getting enough straight down pressure without my 2 and 3 fingers touching the next string and messing up the sound. I’ve always had big hands, but this is the first time my fingers haven’t been delicate enough for a task. What else? Princess Wolfie tomorrow, along with the rest of the committee from last week, for a quick afternoon meeting. That covers pretty much everything I think. Maybe a couple more things. Weight. Must have jinxed myself. 205.8. Crap. And what have I been watching while the cable is out? A couple of Wrestlemanias and a Survivor Series from back in the mid to late 80’s. Really a renaissance in big time wrestling. I got these tapes at a garage sale, if you can believe that. No temp line Tuesday by 5pm. Called again and lady says by 5pm today a crew should come by to check if a temp line is possible, if so they’ll do it. Connection out all Tuesday, brief window now I hope. Damn. Went out again before I could post.
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