Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Obscurity Alert.

So we’re discussing the end of project lunch. We had two weeks, ending this Friday, but we’ll be done tomorrow. Some big cheese sent us a menu from a nearby place. We pick what we want, and big cheese will order it and have it delivered. One of the menu items was a Greek salad. Someone asked what a Greek salad was, and I said the primary characteristic of a Greek salad is that it takes so long to make, you’re never sure if it will be done on time. Nobody got it. Usually I’m a little more aware of my audience. But I know somebody in the collective mind of the internet can get it. Pickles and potato or pasta salad come with the sandwiches. I don’t like either, so I asked Princess Wolfie and Subtle Boss if they preferred potato or pasta salad, and they could have mine. I also asked if they wanted my pickle. Fortunately, I was aware enough of my audience not to crack a smile when I asked that. I even kept it together when Sublte Boss later said she was going to eat my pickle.

But here’s why you’ve gotta love Princess Wolfie. She actually tossed a V-Ger reference my way. Does it get any better? We both agreed that the first bald woman we had ever seen was in that movie. Plus she says dork a lot. I love that word. Remind me later. I know I keep putting it off, but remind me later.
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