Monday, June 28, 2004


It Comes and Goes.

Well my little angels, I feel like I should give you this warning. My internet connection has been like a German kindergarten class. There’s a little fritz in the system. There isn’t a pattern, it just goes out once in a while, for hours at a time. I should tell you my cable company provides my internet also. They thought it was a weak signal. A guy came on Friday and determined this was the case. He put a little booster on it and it looked a lot better. This lasted for the rest of Friday, and Saturday was good too. Sunday it crapped out again. Mr. Friday also said he sent a message to the construction crew because some work needed to be done between the cable in the street and the side of my house. He says the construction guys will be here within seven days. I mainly bring this up because I had promised to write every day and I’m just letting you know I might miss a day. Plus a question. Do I give it the seven days, or do I call and start complaining?
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