Wednesday, June 30, 2004


How Could I Be So Stupid?

Still Wednesday. Still German on my cable and internet. So much crap. Lame day. First, I missed the big meeting. It was arranged last Wednesday, the 23rd or whatever it was, and I could have sworn it was supposed to be from 1pm-3pm. So I get there a little early, about 12:30, and here’s a bunch of people walking out. Turns out the meeting was 8:30 -Noon. I didn’t see Princess Wolfie coming out. She had something else this morning, and had to find someone to cover her there, so I’m not sure if she actually made it or not. So this sucks. But I can rush home for the cable guy. He actually got here within the first hour of his window. Good news, right? Well it took him about a minute to determine no temp line would work. I have to wait til Friday for the construction crew to come out. No cable no internet. Oh it comes and goes. I saw almost a minute of TV this morning before it cut out again. And I did manage to sneak a post in earlier today. But by and large, nothing. At least I don’t have to hang out with the cable guy and I can do other stuff. For example, today is payday. Woohoo! Except my check is short because I neglected to work some optional hours in this pay period. But still, when I deposit my check, I can also go pick up my watch, which was having the glass face replaced. And it’s not done either. No meeting, no Princess Wolfie, no cable, no internet, no watch, short paycheck. I’m almost afraid to eat; I’d probably get food poisoning. I need to lose weight anyway. 201.4. That’s a little better at least. Also, KGO wrote back. There’s more with links later. I’ll try and squeeze this in today if I get the chance.
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